Autonomous clinical conversations

Talking with patients is the basis of all healthcare. Ufonia combines AI and clinical evidence to automate routine telephone consultations.

Our technology makes care more convenient, reliable and consistent for patients; increases hospitals’ capacity; and allows clinical professionals to spend more time meeting patients’ needs.

Transforming healthcare with every call

Dora, our medically regulated autonomous clinical assistant, can call any number of patients, and have a natural voice conversation, covering a wide range of common clinical consultations.

We built next-generation technology, and conduct rigorous clinical studies to ensure we deliver high quality, safe care with an excellent patient experience.

Built by clinicians & digital health experts

We are on a mission to help solve the challenges facing healthcare. Together as a diverse team of clinicians, designers, researchers and engineers we are using technology to redefine and reimagine care delivery.

At every stage of our journey we work with patients and members of the public to ensure we are building solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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