We automate routine care pathways

Our automated clinical assistant – Dora – can support any clinical speciality, to deliver any common clinical conversation, from triaging a referral to pre-operative assessment, post-operative follow-up and long term monitoring of outcomes, freeing clinicians to work ‘at the top of their licence’.

Highly Accessible

Patients don’t need any technology or even an internet connection to have a conversation with Dora; they simply speak on the phone.

Unlimited Capacity

Dora can call any number of patients, at any frequency and any time, for as long as they want; without the need to recruit more staff.

Safety First

Dora is built using a regulated clinical quality management system to ensure that patients have a safe, consistent and high quality experience.

We build research evidence 

To deliver an outstanding experience for patients, that can be trusted by our clinical clients, our team is at the forefront of developing the latest natural language processing technologies. We collaborate with academics and continually study, present & publish the results of our work in the scientific literature.

Dora is named after Metrodora, a Greek physician c.200-400 CE, who was the first female physician to write down the spoken tradition of medicine. Find out more here