Mohita Chowdhury

Lead AI Research Engineer

Mohita leads the work in AI and develops solutions to improve Dora’s intelligence and performance at scale. She is also leading the research and development to make Dora multilingual. Mohita graduated with an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford in 2020. Her master’s thesis with the Visual Geometry Group (VGG) focused on combining vision and natural language for zero-shot learning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from one of India’s premier institutes and five years of R&D experience at leading AI labs in India, Singapore and the UK. She is an ardent advocate for responsible and ethical AI and strives to work towards making it more inclusive. Outside of work, Mohita loves playing her guitar and singing. She is known for her ace cooking skills and love for learning new languages. She is also a hobbyist illustrator and has an Instagram page where she posts comics to promote better mental health.